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The world may think you are only one person--But to one person, you may be their world.
Author Unknown.
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The 41st Annual National Nursing Assistants Week this year is June 14-21, 2018 and National Career Nursing Assistants Day is June 14, 2018.  We at 4CNAs would like to thank all of the hardworking, dedicated and caring Certified Nursing Assistants and direct care workers.  This week is a chance to thank CNAs all they do for their residents and their
communities.  Their care, comfort and support truly make a difference in the lives of their residents and families every day.

Here are some ways you can thank them for the assistance they provide in caring for your parent or relative.

  • Write a simple thank you note
  • Tell them how much the work they do means to your family
  • Let their supervisor know what a good job they do
  • Give them respect on a daily basis
  • Just say thank you
  • Always be courteous to them
                                           Happy CNA Week
Did you know that there are more than 600,000 Certified Nursing Assistants providing personal care, assistance with daily activities, and clinical support for 1.4 million nursing home residents nationwide in the US.

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