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The world may think you are only one person--But to one person, you may be their world.
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Would You Consider Working in a Correctional Insitute or Jail as a CNA?

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And just like that, November is here.  Certified Nursing Assistants often get the stereotype that we only work in nursing homes and sometimes in hospitals, however this isn't always the case.  Many CNAs are finding employment in not so common places, such as schools, daycares, clinics and even in correctional facilities and jails. 
In this months issuse we share with you Working Behind Bars-Prison CNA Jobs.  Have you ever worked in a jail? Please share your experience. Would You Consider Working in a Correctional Insitute or Jail as a CNA? Take our web poll below to see what others have voted.

We also address the three major challenges that nursing assistants may face at work.  What are some of the issues you face on the job?  Let's work together to find a solution. Thoughts ideas Share them on our facebook page.

Certified Nursing assistants don't only work in nursing facilities and hospitals, they may also find employment in prisons and other correctional facilities. In fact, the need and opportunities for correctional health care nursing assistants has grown with the increase in prison populations and the recognition that additional on-site care of inmates is needed.