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3 Major Challenges CNAs Face at Work That Needs To Be Addressed (ASAP)

Certified Nursing Assistants throughout the United States face a large responsibility in the medical industry caring for the elderly, ill and disabled.  They learn to overcome and adjust to the ever changing phases of the healthcare field. However, there are some issues that can take a toll on a CNAs physical and mental health.

These CNA problems at work issues need be addressed everywhere that Nurse Aides are employed. Here we have listed the 3 Major Problems that you may face at work that may be of concern.

Working Short Staffed
Certified Nursing Assistants work round the clock and often face large patient loads, with a single CNA doing the work of sometimes of two or three. If you've worked as a nurse aide for even a brief time, this perhaps sounds familiar.

In order to deliver quality patient care, workplaces need to have proper amount of nursing staff. Studies have shown that having a higher Certified Nursing Assistant to patient ratio improves patient safety and quality. 

Bullying in the Workforce
Instead of encouraging and helping new CNAs to do better, veteran nursing  assistants can sometimes have this belief that they will learn by harassing and abusing them. If you ever face such a situation, your should never be afraid to report it to the supervisor.

Being a cna is hard work,some of the challenges can lead to burnout include but not limited to

  • Constantly working short staffed
  • Too much to do with the amount of time provided
  • Dealing with abusive patients/residents
  • Problems with other healthcare workers
  • Dealing with death
  • Finding it difficult to take care of yourself while taking care of others
  • Feeling that the pay doesn’t commensurate the duties that are required

Addressing Challenges that you may encounter on the Job
All of these challenges that CNAs face  can take a toll both mentally and physically need to be addressed.  This can lead to burnout and you may find yourself no longer with a sense of fulfillment or joy from being a nurse aide.

When you are faced with these various situations on the job, not knowing where to turn to or who to talk to about what you’re facing can be tough.  Getting involved or starting a support group can be a great help.  A good support group with help you to share ideas and solutions with like minded individuals who know what you are struggling with. 

Most employers will be supportive of starting a support in the facility where you work.  You should discuss your reasons with the administrator.  Because the chances are  others are just like you who are looking for solutions or simply support on the challenges that CNAs face at work that need to be addressed.