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Become a CNA With Prometric Testing

You  probably know that you require state certification in order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Prometric is a company that provides testing and evaluation across a broad spectrum of subjects, including the CNA exam. They are one of the leading testing center for taking nurse aide examinations in several states.

The Following states use Prometric for their CNA testing

Arkansas (Clinical Only)
Idaho (Written Only)
New Mexico
New York

What does The Prometric Nurse Aide testing entail?

After the student has completed their training, which includes both classroom assignments and the practical clinical course. They will then become eligible to apply for the state certification exam which is taken in several Prometric testing centers located across the US. The Prometric nurse aide exam contains a written and performance based test.  This is all completed on a computer and taken in a standard testing environment. The test has multiple choice questions and has normally no less than 60 questions that have to be finished within a set time limit.

Prometric CNA Practice Test

Before taking your Certified Nursing Assistant exam with Prometric, you can undertake a practice test on their website at  This will allow you to get a feel for what is involved before you take the actual test.  

Individuals can then apply for the Prometric CNA testing exam online on their    website, who will then provide you the location of a regional testing center that is closest for you to attend.

Test Scores

Each state has different timelines based on the format of the exam and state regulations.  Listed below is the maximum amount of days for each state.

AL, CT, DE. FL, HI, ID, MI, NV, NM and OK - Testing scores are printed on the day of testing and given to candidates before they leave the test center.  Please be aware that all tests are scored a second time when exported into their candidate database. On rare occasion the score given at the site could possibly change upon the second scoring.

AR - Clinical Exam Scores will be emailed to test taker 48 business hours after the examination day.  The Written Exam Score will be emailed to individuals within ten business days of the examination day.

NY - Both Clinical and Written Exam Score Reports are emailed to CNA test takers within 5 days of the exam day.