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CNA Classes in Detroit

The CNA classes in Detroit Michigan is for persons interested in working as a nurse’s assistant.  The students triumphant finishing point of the course, enrollees will be equipped and eligible to take the State of Michigan State Tested Nurse Aide licensure exam.

The CNA classes will courage and motivate students in pursuit of their careers and to present the individual learner with the opportunities to attain sufficient diversity of education in the allied health field, sequentially to maximize opportunities for employment.

Certified nursing assistants in Detroit are an important liaison between the residents and nurses. Michigan nurse aides are trained to notice changes in residents and report pertinent information to the nurses in charge so adjustments in care can be made.  Specific tasks vary, with nursing assistants handling many aspects of a patient’s care

Before you enroll in a class in Detroit, you should know that there may be different options.  By learning more about requirements and the options available to you, you're more likely to be enrolled in the course that will work the best for you.

Crockett Vocational/Technical Center
571 Mack Avenue,
Detroit, MI 48201

Genanscot Services
17800 E. Warren,
Detroit, MI 48224

Greater Horizon Training Institute
7310 Woodward, Suite 603,
Detroit, MI 48202

Hazy Institute of Learning
16007 W. Eight Mile Road,
Detroit, MI 48237

Health Care Solutions and Career Group
15800 West McNichols, Suite 233,
Detroit, MI 48235

Henry Ford Community College
2990 W. Grand Blvd.,
Detroit, MI 48128

SEMARC-Fisher Bldg.
100 Mack Avenue, Detroit, MI

Wayne County Community College
8200 West Outer Drive,
Detroit, MI 48226