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CNA Classes in Macon Georgia

CNA classes in Macon Georgia provides effective training that will prepare students for entry-level position in the Medical field as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  Entry level employment for Certified nursing assistant is available in the following positions: Clinics, Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Personal Care Homes/Rehab, Homecare and Home Health agencies, which will open doors to other sought-after medical profession. 

The nurse aide training programs in Macon Georgia will give you the necessary skills to pass the state Certification Exam.

So, where can you find CNA courses in Macon Georgia?  What will it cost you and what can you expect when you enroll?  Below are the training options for those who live in the state that can answer any questions.

Current listing Certified Nursing Assistant Training in Macon Georgia

American Professional Institute
1667 Eisenhower Pkwy.,
Macon, GA 31206
Phone: (478) 314-4444

Central Georgia Technical College
3300 Macon Tech Drive,
Macon, Georgia 31206
Phone: (478) 757-3585

Cherry Blossom Health Care
Nurse Aide Training
3520 Kenneth Drive,
Macon, Georgia 31206
Phone: (478) 781-7553

Endurance 4 U Healthcare
Education Training School
780 Baconfield Drive,
Macon, GA 31211
Phone: (478) 741-0400

Heritage Healthcare of Macon
Nurse Aide Training Program
2255 Anthony Rd., Macon, GA 31204
Phone: (478) 784-7900

Extended Health Services, Inc.
2733 Sheraton Drive,
Macon, Georgia 31204
Phone: (478) 746-9988

The Oaks of Peake
6190 Peake Rd.,
Macon, Georgia 31220
Phone: (478) 471-7474

Central Georgia Technical College
at William S. Hutchings Career Center
2004 Riverside Drive,
Macon, GA 31204
Phone: (478) 621-2747

Students enrolled in the Nurse Aide Technical Certificate of Credit may be required to successfully pass both criminal background checks and drug screening procedures to participate in required clinical experiences with patients in licensed facilities. Clinical sites may require liability insurance and proof of immunization status to participate in required clinical experiences. Uniforms/scrubs may be required at required clinical experience facilities.

PCA Training, Proxy Caregiver Training
Wonderland Intl Training Company, LLC
3780 Napier Avenue Macon, GA 31204