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In Michigan, the Michigan Department of Community Health is
responsible for the state's CNA classes.  The Department of Community Health contract with Prometric to develop and administer the CNA State tests.

The Michigan CNA training must have at least 75 clock hours of classroom and 16 hours supervised practical training.  Successful completion of both tests an applicant is issued a certificate by Prometric that allows them to work as a certified nurse aide (CNA) for two years.
CNA Classes in Michigan

CNA Classes in Michigan

Curriculum in the programs follows the Michigan state-approved curriculum for nurse aides. If you have been looking for a career healping others, then the Nurse Aide Training program can be a perfect fit for your professional goals.

CNA schools in Michigan provides instruction on utilizing a humanistic approach to provide basic care to people in a variety of health care settings. Students will understand how health care systems operate and will learn the skills necessary to function safely and efficiently in a health care setting.

Individuals taking a certified nursing assistant program, will learn the information and practical skills necessary for taking and passing the certification exam required by the state to obtain CNA jobs in Michigan
Explore the most popular locations in the state for training below.