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CNA II Training

CNA II are known as certified nursing assistants that have received additional training classes.  Not every state has what they consider as a level 2 training.  There are however some states that do consider a certified nursing assistant with any additional training such as acute care, Dementia care training and those who have received a certification in restorative care a CNA II.

Most of the training providers first require that candidates must possess a minimum of one year of work experience as a nursing aide in a health care setting before applying for the level 2 classes.

Acute Care
The acute care CNA classes focuses on broadening the certified nursing assistant scope of knowledge and clinical experience to include skills that will required for those who want to work in an acute care setting (hospital).

The course will provide a comprehensive review of not only the nursing assistant skills, but will also out an emphasis on the acute care settings such as the medical, surgical, pediatric, obstetric, and orthopedic units in a hospital.

Dementia Care
The dementia care classes are designed teach the certified nursing assistant with the skills needed to understand and recognize Dementia and it’s symptoms.  These classes will enhances the certified nursing assistants knowledge and skills to be better able to work with adults who experience cognitive decline and dementia.

Restorative Care
A restorative nursing assistant (RNA) helps those who need gain an improved quality of life by helping them increase their level of strength and mobility. The classes will introduce the certified nursing assistant with skills needed to provide therapeutic exercises, ambulation techniques, skills to promote the patient/client with independent self-care, and to methods to provide assistance with restorative dining.

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