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Writing a CNA Resume does not have to be difficult.  Most often when certified nursing assistants start applying for jobs a resume isn’t necessary . Nursing facilities and hospitals generally require you to fill out an application for employment consideration. So when will you most likely need do have a resume, when applying for private duty CNA jobs.

We have listed 5 simple steps to writing a great CNA resume.  For those who may still have difficulty we highly recommend

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CNA Resume Sample

Step 1 
Your Contact Information
You want to provide the best ways for prospective employer can contact you. This should include your name, address, telephone contact number, and your cell number provided you have one.  You should also include your email address.
Step 2 
The CNA OBJECTIVE for resume:
What is your target or goal for applying to this position.
A Full-time 6 a.m.- 2 p.m. position as a Certified Nursing Assistant

Step 3 
The next section you will need to add is all of your education and training.  This part will need to include the school or training provider name, address, telephone number and the dates that you attended.

Step 4  
Work Skills and Experience
You will need to start with your current employer.  You will need to start by listing your current company name and contact information.  The you will need to add your position at the company, followed by your work duties. You will also need to list your clinical experience.

Step 5 
Volunteer and Life Experiences
Any awards received that you have received.  Maybe you received your CPR certification. Took care of family members, volunteered at your local red cross.

Its best to keep your CNA resume neat, simple and professional in appearance.  As the job position that you are applying to may differ from one another it is best to make any changes that reflect the position in which your applying for.