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CNA Skill: Assisting with a Bed Pan

One of the skills that you will learn in a CNA training program is how to assist with the use of a bedpan.  When you begin to assist you will need to explain the procedure, speak clearly and slowly. Remember this is a skill that you will more then likely be tested on during your state clinical skills test.  You will need to ensure that privacy is provided by drawing curtain.

Steps to Assist With the use of a Bed pan

  • Before placing the bedpan – lower head of the bed
  • Put on gloves
  • Position client on bed pan
  • Toilet tissue within reach-Assistance may be needed
  • Call light device is within reach
  • Remove bedpan, while avoiding over exposing client
  • Empty and rinse bedpan – stores it
  • Record output
  • Call light is within reach and bed is in low position
  • After completing the skill, wash hands