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When certified nursing assistants think about advancing their career, the most obvious choice is to become a licensed practical nurse (lpn) or enrolling in a registered nurse (RN) course.  There are however a few options for those who may not want to go this route.  There are other career choices for career advancement for the certified nursing assistants without having to go to nursing school.  Several career ladder advancement programs in this field do exist.
There are a variety of ways in which certified nursing assistants can expand their skill set. One method is to obtain additional certifications. Expanding one's skill set as a CNA can be very beneficial for your career. Not only can this allow you to receive a higher salary, this can also allow you more employment opportunities. 
Whether you're building a career in healthcare or wanting to provide assistance to a loved one in need, getting your CNA training can be vital. However, what happens when you find yourself wanting to expand on your skills? Making this move can be beneficial in several ways, both allowing you to provide more extensive care and opening up new career opportunities.
In order to be eligible for advanced certification as a nurse aide, you must verify several different requirements in the state of Virginia.