The world may think you are only one person--But to one person, you may be their world.
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CNA and Nurse Relationship

While certified nursing assistants work with a variety of other team members, they often work with nurses the most.  When the relationship between the CNA and the nurse is challenged, their work can also challenged. 

There are a number of issues in establishing an excellent relationship between nurses and CNAs.  Nurses need to recognize the impact of their comments and encouragement. Certified nursing assistants need to realize that sometimes nurses won’t understand the impact of their job.  The relationships between the two can be wonderful or tragic, but bottom line is – they need each other!

It takes effort to strengthen this relationship between the two, despite its many rewards, it is essential. It will improve your teamwork and your  routine, while making the patient’s care better.

In cases where inquiring a nurse about their judgments on nursing assistants, you most often hear opinions such as this: “Sometimes I just feel as though they can’t carry out their job duties.” Whenever requesting a nurse aide response on how they feel concerning of nurses, you most often discover a completely different perspective: “They feel that they don’t have the given mutual respect for the jobs that a CNA does perform.” This are the feeling most often causing the confrontation to originate from.

We can start the process of building relationships between the two by getting practical with these basic tips:

What Nurses Can Do

  • Nurses need to remember that every CNA is valuable and is deserving to be acknowledged and recognized for the work they do. As well as being respected as members of the healthcare team.
  • They need to routinely provide opportunities for ALL certified nursing assistants to be heard. This is how as nurses you can determine if there are issues among the staff that need to be addressed.
  • Remember that just because nurse aides perform jobs that require less training doesn’t make their jobs less valuable. 

What CNAs Can Do

  • Have Respect.  Respecting nurses for what they do. Nurses will appreciate co workers more, if they feel like they are respected.
  • Remember that like the title suggest we assist nurses, that is what we do.  The nurse are the ones that delegate certified nursing assistants.  This is part of their job. 

Note that communication is important part of the patient care.  The communication with your nurse that you have about the patients you care for is vital.

The relationship doesn’t have to be difficult between the CNA and nurse.  In reality, whether you’re a nurse or a certified nursing assistant, both are  assisting each other to provide the best care for patients. The more efficient everyone is in working with each other, the better off we are as a team and the outcome of care for our patients as well. That’s why we do what we do.