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The CNA classes in Illinois prepare students for an exciting career in healthcare. The training provides the technical skills and clinical applications necessary to obtain the Nurse Aide certification in Illinois.

Students wishing to become nursing assistants  must meet one of states following requirements:

  • Have successfully completed an state approved CNA programs in Illinois 
  • Pass a written competency test
  • Have successfully completed a nursing arts course (e.g., Basics in Nursing, Nursing 101, etc
  • Individuals who have been deemed competent on another state’s registry for certified nursing assistants

Individuals will lose their Illinois CNA certification if he or she goes for a continuous period of 24 consecutive months after his or her last competency evaluation during none of which the individual provided nursing or nursing-related services for monetary compensation

Certified nursing assistant recertification may be gifted by doing the following
  • Pass a manual skills test
  • Pass a written competency test

Individuals cannot emoloyed in Illinois, until the nurse aide until the CNA registry shows that the individual has met the training requirements set forth by the state.
CNA Classes in Illinois

CNA Classes in Illinois