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The CNA skills portion of the test represents over half of the passing grade in various states.  Understanding the concepts of everything about the explained skills is extremely vital if your state entails you to accomplish these randomly selected skills. 

While working as a nursing assistant, you will be of assistance the majority of time helping patients with personal hygiene and appearance. You will give assistance to patients such as brushing their teeth, dressing, bathing or showering, combing hair  lifting and transferring them.  These CNA skills need to be accomplished a particular way to ensure proper hygiene, patient privacy and practicing precise techniques in an effort to prevent an injury to the patient yourself as well yourself.  These are the types of CNA skills that are tested on state nurse-aid performance exams.

CNA Clinical Skills

The following is a listing of the standard tasks you may have to perform on the state nurse aide clinical skills performance exam.

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CNA Skill Videos

CNA Skills Videos