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A certified medication aide, is also commonly referred to as a medication technician or a CMA.  This certification would provide the opportunity for certified nursing assistants to administer medicine to patients/residents in long-term care facilities and other healthcare settings.  The requirements may vary slightly by state, but all states that have approved this position mandate certification.
Medication Assistants in Arkansas are also known as a MA-C. They are first required to successfully finish an education program and pass a certification exam before being allowed to perform.
The Arizona Board of Nursing has specific requirements before individuals can become a Certified Medication Assistant.  All applicants for CMA certification in Arizona must pass the states written and skill tests.
Expand your CNA skills.  Learn the Steps individuals will need to take to become a Certified Medication Aide in Kentucky.  Certified Medication Aides in Kentucky are responsible for administering daily medications under the supervision of a licensed nurse to residents in long term care facilities. 
Certified Nursing Assistants in Georgia who want to expand their role, may want to consider becoming a Medication Aide.  Requirements to become a Certified Medication aide vary by state, but all states that have approved this position mandate certification.
Certified Medication Aides in New Jersey provide services in assisted living facilities,  personal care homes as well as in assisted living.
Individuals must meet certain eligibility requirements to Apply for Medication Aide Initial Certification and Testing.  You are eligible to take the OSBN-approved Medication Aide Competency Examination if you:
To receive your Medication Aide Certification in Wyoming there are certain criteria that individuals must meet.  Below is the qualifications for application to the MA-C training program:
A qualified medication aide in Indiana is a CNA who has fulfilled additional education, annual in-service instruction, and has demonstrated proficiency
while dispensing and passing medications and or applying/administrating treatments under the direct supervision of a RN or a licensed practical
Everything you will need to know. 9 Simple steps to Medication Aide Certification in Illinois
All medication aides working in assisted living facilities must be registered with the Board of Nursing in Virginia.  These individuals will be referred to as Registered Medication Aides in the state.
For those who are interested in becoming a Medication Aide in the state of Kansas must first meet the following requirements.  Kansas also has guidelines when it comes to being eligible to enroll in one of the states medication aide courses.
Individuals who have enrolled and completed the Medication Aide course in Kansas may still have questions regarding their certification.  Below we have listed the most frequently asked Questions among Certified Medication aides in the state.
The Ohio Board of Nursing regulates medication aide training programs in the state that prepare students for certification as a medication aide. In order to be issued a medication aide certificate in Ohio the following requirements must be met:
In Idaho Medication Aides are called Medication Assistant Certified or MA-Cs for short.  The MA-Cs cannot replace the licensed nurse’s role in the administration of medications.  Nurses must still exercise their judgment when administering medications.
You have received your Medication aide certification in New Jersey, however you may still have questions regarding keeping your qualifications active.  What do you do if you have let your certification lapse? Or your just moving to the state and want to know if you can transfer your CMA official recognition to New Jersey.
In New Hampshire a Medication Nursing Assistant (MNA) is a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) who has completed a Board approved medication administration program conducted by a Board approved Registered Nurse. Board approved medication administration programs must offer a minimum of 30 hours of theoretical content and 30 hours of clinical content.
Now is a great time to get started on training to become a Certified Medication Aide in Rhode Island. Medical professionals are in high demand as medical centers continue to see higher numbers of patients on a yearly basis. We have listed certification and training locations in Rhode Island as well as requirements and the process for becoming a CMA.
Learn the requirements to become a Certified Medication Aide in Nebraska.  Complete listings of schools that offer the Medication Aide courses in the state.
In Wisconsin Medication Aides are Unlicensed personnel.  They are required to meet specific requirements to be able to administer medications to Wisconsin nursing home residents and hospice patients.
2019-2020 Complete listing of Texas Medication Aide training programs and regulations.
Medication aides are certified after completing a program approved by the Department of Health; the programs include 40 hours of classroom instruction.  Following a written exam, they have 30 days to complete 6 successful med passes.