The world may think you are only one person--But to one person, you may be their world.
Author Unknown.
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Free CNA Classes in San Diego California

Specific knowledge in caring for individuals is woven throughout the free CNA classes in San Diego California.  The student is prepared to care for adult clients with chronic conditions and disabilities, Alzheimer's, or those recovering from illness or injury.

The number of patients and medical needs of the patients are variables that change every day, making the job as a Certified Nursing Assistant in San Diego unpredictable and challenging.  Often times these residents are sick, frightened, in pain, have dementias, lonesome, and experiencing very tense situations.  A competent certified nursing assistant shows support for others, as well as serenity, empathy and empathy.

With free Nurse Aide training  in San Diego, students will do clinical rotations that will be a great opportunity for them to practice the clinical skills you will learn in the classroom. San Diego students will receive real work experience.

Job security and having a accommodating schedule as a nursing assistant are two benefits of taking a free CNA class in San Diego California.

Free CNA Classes in San Diego Nursing Homes

Balboa Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
3520 4th Avenue San Diego, CA 92103
PH: (619) 291-5270

This facility provides on the job training where you are able to earn while you learn. The classes free of charge and afterwards you can take the state test and become a C.N.A.

Brighton Gardens Carmel Valley
13101 Hartsfield Road San Diego, CA 92130
PH: (858) 259-2222

C.N.A. courses are offered at no cost to the student while the student is working in the facility or one of the facilities that are owned by the business

Casa De Las Campanas
18685 West Bernardo Drive San Diego, CA 92127
PH: (619) 9152

This nursing facility offers free classes for C.N.A. that will allow you to take the state test and become state certified. You are working while you are being taught and being paid for your services.

Children’s Convalescent Hospital
8022 Birmingham Drive San Diego, CA 92123
PH: (619) 576-5833

This is a hospital that provides training as a C.N.A. while you are working with children. You will be trained on how to work with young people and earn while you learn.

Cloisters of Mission Hill
3680 Reynard Way San Diego, CA 92103
PH: (619) 297-4484

You are provided hands-on training while you are earning an income.

Care With Dignity
8060 Frost Street San Diego, CA 92123
PH: (619) 278

This is an excellent nursing facility that provides both hands-on training and classroom studies that will enable you to become a Certified Nurses Aid. You are earning while you are learning a profession that is rewarding.

Children’s Aveley Place Nurse Aide Course
3453 Aveley Place San Diego, CA 92112
PH: (858) 541-2632

You are able to take the Nurse Aide Courses that you need in order to become a Certified Nurse’s Aide while you are working in the facility.

Evergreen Carmel Mountain Health and Rehabilitation Center
11895 Avenue of Industry, San Diego, CA 92128
PH: (619) 673-0101

This educational facility trains you to become a C.N.A. while you are working with those who need rehabilitation.

Kearny Mesa Convalescent
7675 Family Circle Drive San Diego, CA 92111
PH: (619) 278-8121