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The free home health aide training programs in Kentucky must consist of classroom and supervised practical training totaling at least 75 hours with at least 16 hours devoted to supervise hands-on education. Kentucky home health aide students must complete at least 16 hours of classroom training before beginning the supervised practical training.

In Kentucky Certified nursing assistants can work as Home health aides without any additional certification.  If any additional home care training is required then the care agency will provide this.

The safety and welfare of the client lies in the home health aides ability to act promptly and effectively and the knowledge on how to use the equipment properly to complete their skills. The Kentucky HHA must be able to multi-task and be ready to adjust their procedures to adapt to the ever varying environment or situations.
WIA Approved colleges that offer Training in Kentucky:

Bellarmine University
2001 Newburg Road 
Louisville KY 40205

Kentucky Free Home Health Aide Training