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Free Home Health Aide Training in Oregon

The Association for Home Care in the state of Oregon have developed the certification exam for home health aides. To obtain an Oregon HHA certificate, even a free home health aide certification in the state a student must meet all of the requirements that have been set forth in the exam. Once a student passes the exam, they will have been officially considered a certified home health aide in the state.

The free home health aide certification exam contains twelve sections. A grade of at least 80 percent must be successfully obtained on each section.

The Oregon HHA Exam

The Oregon Association for Home Care designed the Home Health & Hospice Aide Certification as a criterion for the industry. The examination format is based on the Administrative Rules and that of the federal necessities with nine points of emphasis relating to home care.

In order to be approved as an HHA, the following requirements must be met:

1. Complete a training program with a minimum 75 hours of training must be completed. Oregon rules dictate that at least 16 of the 75 hours of training must be supervised practical clinical training.

2. All local APD/AAA offices provide the mandatory orientation for new homecare workers. HHAs are required to attend this orientation within 30 days of becoming employed. If an orientation is not available in the local area within 30 days, the local office can allow you 90 days to complete the orientation. Failure to complete this orientation within 90 days will lead to inactivation if the provider enrollment

3. Complete Oregon Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification and ensure inclusion on the Oregon State Board of Nursing Nurse Aide Registry. You can access the Nurse Aide Registry by clicking the link below:

4. Prior to providing care to a patient, the home health aide must be evaluated by a registered nurse for competency in each of the following areas:

(i) Communication skills;
(ii) Observation of, reporting of, and documentation about the patient and care provided;
(iii) Maintenance of a clean, safe and healthy environment;
(iv) Basic infection control procedures;
(v) Basic nutrition and fluid intake, including food preparation techniques as appropriate;
(vi) Reading and recording temperature, pulse, and respiration;
(vii) Basic elements of body functioning and changes in body function that must be reported to an aide's supervisor;
(viii) Recognizing emergencies and knowledge of emergency procedures;
(ix) The physical, emotional, and developmental needs of, and ways to work with, the populations served by the agency, including the need for respect for the patient, the patient's privacy, and the patient's property;
(x) Appropriate and safe techniques in personal hygiene and grooming
(xi) Safe transfer techniques and ambulation;
(xii) Normal range of motion and positioning; and
(xiii) Any other task the agency may choose to have the home health aide perform

5. Undergo state and FBI background checks

Workforce Investment Act Approved Training Centers in Oregon

Klamath Community College
7390 S 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR
(541) 882-3521

Oregon Coast Community College
3120 Crestline Dr;
Waldport, OR

Oregon Coast Community College
400 SE College Way;
Newport, OR