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Right at Home, a home care agency located in Oklahoma city offers free training to become a patient care assistant if you’re interested in taking care of elderlies at their homes. They offer salaries of up to $8.5 per hour and the training is at no cost to you. They are located at:

Right at Home Northwest
4430 NW 50th Street
Suite Oklahoma City, OK 73112
Right at Home, is a home care agency that is located in Oklahoma city offers free training to become a patient care assistant.  Persons who have a desire and an interest in becoming a PCT will need to contact the company to see if they are currently holding any classes. 

As a Patient Care Technician in Oklahoma, you are part of a team that provides an assistance with health care services and has the responsibility for a patient’s care, well-being and recovery.  You will be entering an exciting, challenging and ever-changing health care field.

Oklahoma PCTS work in a wide variety of settings.  The often have to multitask as they will hold different certifications.  They will be required to provide various patient needs. 

Remember when you attend training, you are investing in your future and in yourself.  This is a great occupation to enter, especially for who are currently certified nurse aides in Oklahoma who want to increase not only the knowledge, but also their salary.
Free Patient Care Technician Training Options In Oklahoma

Free Patient Care Technician Training in Oklahoma