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Free CNA Training through The Workforce Investment Act (W.I.A)

If your looking for free CNA training, but don’t have the money to get started, consider looking through the Workforce Investment Act.  In order to become a CNA, you have to take a certified nursing assistant program and then take the state certification test. There aren't enough caregivers as is, and the demand for them is increasing at a rapid rate.  Training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant is often one of the training opportunities offered through the W.I.A.

What is the Workforce Investment Act?

The Workforce Investment Act was developed by the feral government and passed under the Clinton Administration on August 7, 1998.  It was passed to ensure that every individual throughout the country regardless of financial status have a fair chance to access career training.  The local government administer the implementation of the W.I.A.   They decide how the money or the program will be used.  This is under the requirements set forth by the federal specification and standards.

A majority of the programs offered though the program are intended to be completed within three months or less.  Free training to become a CNA is often one of the opportunities offered through the Workforce Investment Act.  Programs through the W.I.A will vary from one state or location to another.

The Programs are restricted and are only available to those who meet the following qualifications:

  • Unemployed
  • Low Income
  • No Job Skills-due to lack of training

The are two types of programs available under the Workforce Investment Act.   The Adult program and the Youth Program.

The Workforce Investment Act Adult program

This program is for adults who have lost their job, who are struggling financially and those who have tried employment, but have been unsuccessful due to lack of job skills.

Individuals must meet the following requirements before you will be eligible for assistance through the Workforce Investment Act Adult Programs:

  • You Must be 18 Years or Older
  • Low Income
  • You Must be Unemployed

Workforce Investment Act Youth program

This program is for individuals between the ages of 14 and 21.  Individuals must fall under one or more qualifying categories to receive assistance under the Workforce Investment Act.

  • Youth Programs through the W.I.A  provide assistance to those who don’t have the opportunity, funds or education to successfully gain employment.
  • Individuals will need to be able to prove that they meet the criteria.  Free CNA training can be obtained to those who meet the requirements.

Find Out if any CNA programs would be available to you be contacting the W.I.A office near you.