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Free Home Health Aide Training Options

There are opportunities for individuals to become a home health aide even if you cannot pay for the training out of your private wallet. All you need is to invest in some time before beginning the training to find those options that will make it possible for you to train while not having the expense of training on your own.

If your looking for free home health aide training, but don’t have the money to begin give some thought to the Workforce Investment Act. The demand for home health aides is increasing at a rapid rate. Training to become a HHA is often one of the training opportunities offered through the W.I.A.

The Adult Program Through the Workforce Investment Act
The workforce investment act is a program for adults and youths who may have lost their job, who might be struggling financially and those who have tried employment, but have been unsuccessful due to lack of job skills.

Men and women will have to fulfill certain criteria before they become eligible for assistance through the Workforce Investment Act Adult Programs:

  • Men and Women in the Adult program must be at least 18 Years or Older
  • Have Low Income
  • Be Unemployed

Home Health Agencies
Another option to receive free home health aide training is through home health agencies.  It does not matter what state you live in you can be sure that if you check around at the Home health agencies that some of them are going to be offering free HHA training in exchange for your employment.  This can be done through yellow pages or doing a search online.

When you are considering going through an agency to get your HHA training you will want to make sure that you choose an agency that you will like to work at.

Job Corps
Founded by the US department of labor the Job Corps provides individuals 16-24 years of age with the education that they need for a rewarding career.  Home health aide training is one of the careers offered at many locations.  The Job Corps can help with financial assistance, housing, transportation and even job placement.

These options can help you determine if you could receive help paying for tuition for a home health aide class.