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Frequently asked Questions

What does CNA stand for?
A CNA stands for a Certified nursing assistant.  In some states certified nursing assistant are known as state tested nursing assistants, licensed nursing assistants or geriatric nurse aides.

What is the CNA job duties?
The nursing assistant job description may vary from different jobs.  But CNAs are required to only do the tasks and skill procedures that they were taught during training within their scope of practice. Some of these basic nursing care knowledge and skills may include but not limited to:
  •       Communication skills
  •       Infection control knowledge
  •       Residents rights
  •       Feeding methods
  •       Procedures that deal with resident elimination needs
  •       Basic Nursing skill tasks
  •       Skills that involve positioning, correct turning and transferring patients
  •       Properly dressing and undressing patients with disabilities

How do I become a CNA?
In 1987 the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act also know as OBRA set Minimum training and competency evaluations requirements for certified nursing assistants.  Although some states may require more hours of training, OBRA requires that a minimum of seventy five hours of class instruction must be provided.  Sixteen hours of practical supervised training must be acquired. This must be taught in a laboratory or Clinical setting. Search for Certified nursing assistant training in your state.      
How much do CNAs make?
The CNA wages vary from state to state.  Traveling CNA jobs, CNA Hospital jobs, and private CNA jobs are often at the top of the CNA pay Scale.  Years of experience and advanced certified nursing assistant Training can greatly increase the pay rate for nurse aides. The average Pay for CNAs in 2014  was $26,000

How do I find free CNA practice test online?
Finding free CNA test questions online is a great way to practice for your CNA testing. Many certified nursing assistant training centers offer free Sample test questions.  Search free CNA practice test online for your State.

Where can I find a CNA job?
Certified nursing assistant jobs can be found anywhere that hires Nurses. Since that is what CNAs do, they assist nurses.  Nursing Facilities, hospitals schools and home health agencies are just a few Places that hire nursing assistants.  Search for CNA jobs in your state.

Where Can I find a Free CNA classes?
There are numerous places that offer assistance to those wanting to Become a CNA for free if they do not have the funds for training.  The  Workforce Investment Act, The Displaced Homemakers Program, The Job Corps and some nursing homes have programs that may help with Providing Free CNA training.  Search for Free CNA Classes in your state and see what you may qualify for.  

I'm moving to another state. How do I transfer my CNA certification? 
If you already are Licensed, Certified, Registered or State Approved in your own state and want to move to another state, you will need to request reciprocity. This means that you are asking the new state to recognize the approval you received from your home state. Contact the State registry in your home state and request a "Application for Enrollment By Reciprocity". Ask them if you should send the completed form to them or to the state to which you are moving.  

How do I keep my CNA certification active?
Most states require that a certified nursing assistant work at least eight hours within a 24 month period doing CNA duties. It is your requirement to show this proof.