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Texas mandates that Home Health Aides must complete a minimum 75 hours of training. Of these 75 hours, a minimum of 16 hours of clinical experience is required. The home health aide training 75 hours must be overseen or conducted by a Registered Nurse. The supervising RN must have a minimum of 2 years of nursing experience, including at least 1 year experience in home health care.

The Texas HHA will be tested on sections (e)(2) – (13) of the Texas Administrative code; the aide in training must receive a satisfactory rating on each sub section. If the home health aide fails to pass one section, then the aide must not is not allowed to perform that task without direct supervision by an RN or LVN. In order to become a certified home health aide in Texas, all of the sections must be completed in with a satisfactory score.
Texas Healthtech Institute
1690 N Major Drive, Suite 201 and 202
Beaumont, Texas 77713
Phone: (409) 539-7417
(713) 429 4711

ALLEN,  TX  75002-4774 
(214) 383-5815

The University of Texas at Arlington
140 W Mitchell St,
Arlington, TX 76019

Houston Community College
3100 Main St.,
Houston TX 77002
Ph. 713.718.2000

CTK Health Care
3455 N. Beltline Road
Suite 206
Irving, TX 75062
Phone: 214-441-3556

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