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Although a home health aide resume is usually not required when applying for a hha employment opportunities, there can be certain circumstances in which it may come in handy.  Several employers that hire home health aides only require an application, but keeping an updated resume can become useful when applying for private duty HHA jobs.  It can also be of use when keeping track of your past employment and the skills that came along with them.

Before submitting any resume, you will want to make sure that you are an eligible applicant for the position. It is advisable to examine the position your applying to, making certain that you meet the standard requirements, such as having obtained the proper educational training.

So what must a home health aide resume contain.  First it needs to have a cover letter.  A cover letter should be slightly different for each company that you are applying to.  The letter really should compliment the particular position your applying for. 

The next step would be adding your all of your contact information.  This is how the companies your applying to can contact you.  You will want to start adding all of your education that you received along with the schools complete info and the degree or certificate that you were granted.  Make certain to add the skills that you learned during each of these training.  

In addition you will want to include all past employers.  Even if you was working at a bank.  This certainly show potential employers that you have people skills essential to the home health aide position. The past as well as present employer portion should include the company, contact information, who you worked under and the skills that you provided on the job. 

Last part of your home health aide resume should include your references.  These should not include family members or friends.  References should showcase the employee and the bosses that know your skills.  Once you are done check your resume, make sure all your informational been taken down correctly. 

HHA employers are looking for individuals that have the required education, people skills, and organizational skills.  So when your looking for a home health aide job make sure that your resume reflects this.