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Home Health Verses Nursing Home Employment

Whether your just starting out looking for a job, or your debating whether to switch working environments, Stop stressing! We’re going to breakdown Home Health verses Nursing home employment for those who aren’t sure what type of work environment will work best for them.

Some states will require additional training for those who want to work as a Home Health Aide. However, several states allow CNAs to work in home health care.  You will need to check with your state requirements before seeking employment.

Home Health Care V/S Nursing Home

Patient Load
Patient loads are generally higher in nursing home care.  You can forget the hustle and bustle of nursing home facilities with a job in home health care. However, the downside, You’re going to work with a few select patients for prolonged periods of time. In some cases it will be until they recover or pass away. Home Health Aides frequently deal with family members more often than CNAs in nursing facilities. 

Job Duties
Certified Nursing Assistants will be performing many of the same tasks as Home Health aide that including feeding, bathing, and dressing residents/clients.  However, when working for a home health care agencies, you will need to be aware that they generally offer additional services that they will be required to perform.  The duties of a HHA are not restricted to health care, duties may also include such routine tasks such as doing laundry, washing dishes, preparing meals, getting medications and transporting the patient to scheduled appointments.

When working home health, you are often left on your own.  This can make things harder when you need assistance.

Whether you work in a nursing facility or with a home health agency you will have to travel to work for both.  However, working as a home health aide you will need to travel to clients homes.  You may get paid for mileage, but depending on the location of your clients you may have to travel far. This can  add several miles on your vehicle, which can lead to wear and tear that you most likely won’t be reimbursed for.

Nursing Assistants are more likely to earn more at a home health agency than in a nursing home facility, an average $2.25 more per hour.

Now that you have a clear perspective of home care verses nursing home medical work environments for CNAs, you can now start your job hunt!  Check out these different places you can find CNA jobs.