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South Dakota Patient Care Technician Training

Individuals looking for a patient care technician training program in South Dakota currently have only one option.  The Southeast Technical Institure in Sioux Falls offers a  Phlebotomy/Patient Care Technician, Diploma.

Upon completion of the South Dakota Diploma in Phlebotomy/Patient Care Technician, a student will be able to :

Science and Technology

  • Explain the actions of anticoagulants to prevent blood coagulation.
  • Be able to operate and troubleshoot blood drawing devices.
  • Recognizes the differences is patient vasculature when selecting vein.
  • Understands the principle of blood circulation.  

Problem Solving/Critical Thinking

  • Recognize the importance of correct blood collection techniques in managing total patient care.
  • List the factors that influence the integrity of a blood specimen.
  • Identify the types of evacuated tubes by color code, state the anticoagulants and additives present, the mechanism of action and any special characteristics of each tube.
  • List the correct order of draw for the various types of blood collection tubes.
  • Perform dermal punctures.
  • Identify the steps of the venipuncture procedure.


  • Effectively interact with clinic and hospital staff.
  • Provide quality and professional service.
  • Demonstrate strong worth ethic and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Works with patients in diverse situations.
  • Exhibits flexibility and adaptability.
  • Works to quiet patient anxiety before and during venipuncture.
  • Provides friendly service by treating patients with dignity, respect and compassion.


  • States the purpose of quality assurance in blood collection.
  • Can explain the blood drawing procedure in words the patient can understand
  • Discuss methods to safely dispose of contaminated needles.
  • Discuss the purpose and types of tourniquets.
  • List the required information on a requisition form.
  • Define the chain of custody for patient samples.
  • Discuss the use of gloves, gauze and bandages when performing venipuncture.
  • Describe the patient prep and variables that can affect some laboratory tests.
  • Effectively communicates with supervisor and other medical staff members

PCT Classes in South Dakota

Southeast Technical Institute
2320 N Career Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57107