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Washington Patient Care Technician Training

The Patient Care Technician training in Washington is a group of designed instruction designed to train a cross-trained health care employee. The multiple classes consists of the following training

Washington certified nursing assistant course
EKG technician
Phlebotomy technician
Advanced nurse assisting tasks

If you are already a certified nursing assistant in the state of Washington, you may be able to bi pass this portion of the training.  Students will however have to register in the advanced nursing assistant course.

In addition to lectures and lab activities, students will participate in of clinical education.  The required clinical hours may vary from the classroom schedule to provide accommodation the medical facility that provides the opportunity.

The PCT plays a vital role as members of the medical health team. The training is designed to provide the education and training that trainees need to function as nursing support staff.

Patient Care Technician Classes in Washington
Seattle Central Community College


Edmonds Community College
(425) 640-1017