The world may think you are only one person--But to one person, you may be their world.
Author Unknown.
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By recognizing the symptoms of depression in the elderly in Nursing Homes and taking corrective action, the CNA has the possibility to greatly lessen the effects of depression. 
When conflict erupts between residents, it’s most often up to the certified nursing assistant and nurses to set things straight and smooth things over.  Conflict and aggression between residents are too common in nursing facilities and are a threat to residents and CNA safety. 
In any job that involves dealing with the public, it is impossible to avoid the occasional difficult customer. This fact may be especially true in the medical field. Many people tend to get grumpy when they aren't feeling well, which may result in acting out and being otherwise uncooperative. As a CNA, you may experience these types of people often.
The Importance of CNAs Providing Excellent Oral Hygiene.  It is crucial for the CNAs  of  patients to master what techniques will offer them with the most effective dental care.
As a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant, there are both excellent advice and exercises that can be provided to patients who are looking for foot relief.
Today’s certified nursing assistant will need to become more willing, and able, to roll with what is coming.  You will be asked to provide more service, with less resources.
According to a study that was supported by The Commonwealth Fund, at least a third of the 1.6 million nursing home residents in the United States may suffer from malnutrition or dehydration. 
Our bodies will start to break down if it does not get the type and amount of fuel it needs. It can be caused by not getting enough nutritious foods or by not adequately digesting and absorbing nutrients from the food we eat. Certified Nursing Assistants need to be watchful of residents who may experiences one or more of the following that might lead down the path of malnutrition:
As a Certified Nursing Assistant you are responsible for helping the people you take care of be as active, independent, and healthy as possible.  Recognizing the signs of dehydration in the residents we take care of is a part of our CNA training.
Patients who have undergone a surgical procedure are usually advised to rest and recover in bed for a couple of days before they ease their way back to their normal routine.
Aging comes with many challenges. One of them is the overwhelming cost of health care. For instance, treating a coronary heart condition costs a lot of money. Finding happiness in your old age is possible. In fact, here are the top 5 ways for seniors to lead happier lives.
Skin tears represent a major problem affecting the elderly residents in nursing facilities. It has been estimated that at least 1.5 million skin tears occur in institutionalized residents every year. They can cause the resident to suffer a great deal of pain, the Certified Nursing Assistant to waste precious time and the nursing facility to lose money.
Studies have shown that when assisted living residents participate in meaningful activities it can greatly reduce the risk of agitation, and lessen depression. So does exercise, which improves mobility and helps overall health. CNAs have a role in encouraging residents to participate in activities and exercise.