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Patient care technicians are on the front line of most patient care no matter what the setting.  They carry out the bulk of the hygiene and monitoring tasks.  They perform their work usually under a registered or practical nurse. 

Hospitals are traditional setting that employ patient care techs but in recent years community organizations, clinics and laboratories are beginning to increase their staff with PCTs. 
Remington College Memphis Campus is expanding its offerings to students with its new Patient Care Technician Diploma Program. Enrollment is now open and classes start soon. 

This program provides training in serving patients' basic needs and working alongside other healthcare professionals, including the basic elements of patient care and medical terminology.
When looking into what you want to do in your career in healthcare, you may come across a job called a Patient Care Technician (PCT). Like many people you may be thinking, what the heck is a patient care Technician? If this is you then allow me to define this career for you.
Those who reside in or near Miami, FL, who wish to become a Patient Care Technician, or PCT, have several options near by when it comes to getting the best training they need from some of the top schools in the area.