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Patient Care Technician Salary

Hospitals and clinics are the most traditional job settings for patient care technicians.  The responsibilities of the job may differ, but in general they care for patient the same way.  Searching for current jobs in your state will give you a better look at the starting salary.

According to the Bureau of Labor the average salary for a patient care technician can range anywhere from $8.50 to $ 16.50 per hour.  There are several factors that can influence the pay scale.
Individuals who hold a certificate will almost always earn a higher salary. Those with a patient care technician certification often find employment faster than those without certification.  This will permit you to earn more money, ensuring that you have received the needed education to fulfill job duties required. Requirement for certification vary from state to state, but most state do require the PCT’s have on the job training.

Patient care technician salary is also influenced by raises that take other various factors into consideration, such as on the job performance and number of years employed within the company. The state that you live in can also influence the pay scale for a PCT.
Patient care technicians working full time usually get full benefits with the job.  This may include paid vacations, sick days, health and medical benefits.

The employment outlook is strong in this particular industry, with the escalating demand across different existing health care setting.  With a generation growing older and with hospitals beginning to fill, the need for hiring patient care techs will skyrocket.