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The Restorative Nursing Assistant, also know as RNAs in Missouri is an expanded role of a CNA.  In Missouri there are currently no state of federal regulations.  However, state and feral regulations and laws ensure that residents of health care facilities receive optimum care delivered by trained personnel.
In Arizona most Certified Nursing Assistants are trained on the job to become a RCNA. Most nursing facilities will require that have been employed as a CNA for a minimum of 6 months to a year prior to enrolling in such a course.
A Restorative Nursing Assistant in Illinois is a certified nursing assistant (CNA) who has had additional, particular instruction in restorative nursing care. A RNA helps patients gain a better quality of life by increasing their level of strength and mobility.
The objective of the California Restorative Nurse Assistant training is to prepare individuals for employment as RNAs.  The classes will provide Certified Nursing Assistants with the education and skills to advance their career in long term care.