The world may think you are only one person--But to one person, you may be their world.
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The Importance of CNA Peer Networking

There are several benefits for certified nursing assistants networking with their own peers.  Not only are you making connections with people, your making connections with those who do the same type of work. Working as direct care worker can have challenges that go along with the job.  Have a great support system can help managing the stress and frustration, with others that may be facing as well. 

Some of the benefits of CNAs networking with their peers are
  • Learning from other certified nursing assistants
  • Sharing your knowledge that can be of assistance to others in the field
  • To give and receive support for the job that you do
  • To meet other CNAs in the field

How do you find a peer network for certified nursing assistants?
  • Join an organization in your state
  • Attend direct care worker conferences and workshops
  • Join a national organization for those who work in direct care
  • Participate in online forums and groups  

One of the benefits of joining an online peer networking support is that you can go online to these discussion groups anytime without having to meet at a certain time or location.  This is great for those who may have other obligations, or those who may work at times that the support group meets.  Whether you have questions or challenges dealing with your CNA classes, the certification exam or maybe the challenges on the job, you will sure find others that are facing the same or similar situations as you. 

If you don’t have a networking group in your area, start one.  This can be a great option for employers to start up in their community.  Not only will this provide support for local direct care workers, it can get the employers ideas of the challenges that the workers feel that are important.  This is a great way for employers to enhance the certified nursing assistant image, decrease staff turnover and provide educational needs of their employees.

For those who decide to join a national organization or direct caregiver association in their state this is another good option to network with others.  Professional CNA organizations and associations create a statewide network of support, recognition, education, and advocacy for CNAs and other direct care workers.  These organizations also give a voice to the direct care workers.  They advocate for the issues that are important to the care that is given to others in the community. 

Several years ago, there wasn’t many options when find a peer support network in this field.  However, over the years this all changed.  As more and more direct care workers are needed to keep up with the demand of the aging population, so increased the amount of support for these workers.

Although your family and friends may show support, unless they work in this line of career, can they truly understand the challenges that you may face.