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Why Home Care CNAs Can Use Art to Improve the Lives of their Clients

I first learned how art can make the lives of seniors better when I was my grandmother’s caregiver after she lost her sight. We spent a lot of time making clay sculptures together and it was nice to see her enjoy this activity. Most importantly, I was able to use these moments to connect with her.

After speaking with many nursing assistants in my position as a caregiver specialist at Caregiver Jobs Now, I am convinced that CNAs working in home care can make the lives of their clients better using art. In this short article, I will discuss a few reasons why CNAs and their clients can benefit from art.

  • Making art can reduce stress levels in a client. If a client is worried about a particular issue happening in her life, such as her health, creating art could be a great way to help her think about something else.
  • Art can make communication easier. Sometimes, a client can have a difficult time communicating with a CNA. For example, a client may speak a different language, be from a different culture, or have trouble talking because of dementia. By creating art, a client may be able to more easily share ideas or feelings with the CNA. 
  • Creating art can make clients proud. Besides the relaxation that the process of making art can bring, the finished creations can also bring pride to a client. A CNA could congratulate the client for her art and talk about its meaning with her.
  • Creativity contributes to wellness. By making art, a client can be in touch with her imagination and see beauty in life! These feelings help the client be happy.

At ReciproCare Jobs, we recognize that art can make the lives of seniors better and we also know that art can bring much-needed relaxation to CNAs. That is why we are inviting CNAs to art workshops to help them relax and, at the same time, show them new art skills that they can then bring to their clients in home care. If resources are available, try using art with your client to paint smiles. 

Author Bio: Benjamin Gallo is a Caregiver Specialist with Caregiver Jobs Now and engages every day with CNAs to connect them to different employers who are hiring caregivers in Washington DC and Maryland. As an aspiring physician, Benjamin has extensively explored the intersection between art and wellness. He leads “The Art of Autism” project in his home country Nicaragua.