The world may think you are only one person--But to one person, you may be their world.
Author Unknown.
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While certified nursing assistants work with a variety of other team members, they often work with nurses the most.  When the relationship between the CNA and the nurse is challenged, their work can also challenged. 
There are several benefits for certified nursing assistants networking with their own peers.  Not only are you making connections with people, your making connections with those who do the same type of work.
As a CNA being a target of a bully typically has an influence on your work life, at the same time can also affect your overall health, potentially causing headaches, decrease in appetite, high blood pressure, sleep problems, clinical depression, panic and anxiety attacks in addition to PTSD.
CNAs are prime targets for mandatory flu vaccination because they must maintain good health while they assist the ill and elderly. The idea of susceptible individuals, such as the elderly, ending up infected by healthcare workers has spawned mandatory vaccination policies in several hospitals and healthcare facilities.
As a certified nursing assistant, we must understand the importance of documenting accurately and regularly.  A resident/patients medical record is a legal document that consists of all documentation regarding the care and services that were provided. 
Do you have a coworker that thinks they know everything? As Certified Nursing Assistants working in the medical field most of us have encounter a know-it-all in our place of employment. Whether it be our fellow CNAs or the Nurses on our shift.  These types of co workers, unfortunately isn’t always the easiest people to work with. 
Certified Nursing Assistants throughout the United States face a large responsibility in the medical industry caring for the elderly, ill and disabled.  They learn to overcome and adjust to the ever changing phases of the healthcare field. However, there are some issues that can take a toll on a CNAs physical and mental health.
Like most professional caregivers I Love my Job, however I don’t want to work for free.  How many times have you’ve been on your lunch break and be called back into work?
When working a healthcare setting you are bound to find all different types of people. Sometimes it’s not all about trying to blend in. Sometimes there are some habits that are very difficult to tolerate and the best thing that Certified Nursing Assistants can do is try to work together as a team.